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All discography:

  • SHAKTI I&I: Who We?
    Who We? Twelve original own songs full of roots reggae …
  • SHAKTI I&I: Caminamos Juntos
    Caminamos juntos is the first Long Play by SHAKTI I&I. It contains 12 original songs by the band, including re-recordings of some songs from the presentation EP.
  • SHAKTI I&I (E.P.)
    Band presentation EP. You will listen 7 roots reggae tracks, sprinkled with dancehall and other influences, original by SHAKTI I&I.


Two sides shirt

  • Unisex short sleeve: 15€*
  • Women’s tank top: €12*
  • Colors: Purple, green, black

Last units available! Ask for availability sizes and colors.


Come to our concerts where you can find other products and special offers from the musicians themselves.

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Select the products you want and we will reply as soon as possible to confirm availability (especially in the case of clothing: sizes and colors) and the means of payment (bizum, transfer, paypal, etc…).

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