SHAKTI I&I: Caminamos Juntos

Caminamos juntos is the first Long Play by SHAKTI I&I.

It contains 12 original songs by the band, including re-recordings of some songs from the presentation EP. It was recorded in reherseal rooms and studios of Shakti I&I and Sonido Mo, responsible for mixing and mastering.

  • Ras Maxx David: Voice and chorus
  • León Demaría: Guitar and chorus
  • Lidia: Chorus
  • Toni Capel: Drums
  • Rafa Fortuño: Synths and keyboards
  • Joan Martos: Bass
  • Dontai Rodríguez: Keyboards and percussion
  • Mamadou: Percussion
  • Juan Da Costa: Percussion

To enjoy these 12 powerful reggae songs with the best sound whenever you want, you can download it on our bandcamp (you can download it for free or put a price on it, you choose).

Request your physical copy on CD of Caminamos Juntos

If you like to have a physical copy, and enjoy the design of the cover, and its booklet with the lyrics of the songs, we have physical copies at an initial price of €8 + shipping costs. Contact us and request information.

Select the products you want and we will reply as soon as possible to confirm availability (especially in the case of clothing: sizes and colors) and the means of payment (bizum, transfer, paypal, etc…).

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